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Preparing Your Home for Viewings

When it comes to property viewings, again, first impressions count, so ensure yours makes a good one. You want to encourage buyers to come back for another.

Once you have prepared your home for the photos, it is a good idea to sit the family down, if necessary, and explain that it is that same level of presentation required for each viewing.

It is difficult to maintain a house “Viewer Ready” over a long period when there is a family living in it so engaging everyone in the process and what they will gain from the process (a shiny new room/home?) will help. Hopefully!

Remember the Kerb Appeal from the preparation for photos. Once your home is advertised as “On the Market” many people may do drive-by viewings or walk past before they call to arrange a proper viewing. Remember to keep the For Sale sign visible.

  • Ensure your home has good kerb appeal.
    • Windows in good condition and clean
    • Well maintained garden, grass cut and bushes tidy.
    • Driveway cleared. No loose bricks, steps or slabs.
    • Roof in good condition, debris free
    • Well-painted exterior (especially the front door area)
  • Vacuum the carpets and wash flooring.
  • Remove any bad odours, pets, drainage, laundry etc*
  • Scented candles or air fresheners are helpful. Fresh Flowers too.
  • Homely smells, like fresh coffee or freshly baked bread smells are good.
  • Tidy your cupboards, viewers will want to see what storage is available.
  • Maximise space as before, the viewers want to envisage their own furniture there.
  • Clear the kitchen counter tops and empty bins*
  • Make it feel open and airy.

It is a good idea to let the Estate Agent perform the viewings as they have experience in what to say or not say to viewers. Hopper and Co. do not charge for viewings although some companies do.

The benefit is that if you are out, you can remove children and or pets which may be a distraction to the viewers leaving them to appreciate your home in peace. Also, the agent can obtain feedback from the viewers as to their likes and dislikes which they might be more reticent to disclose to the owners. The agent is then in a better position to deal with objections or misconceptions and discuss the Home Report in detail if required.

That expertise is essential in obtaining the feedback that the seller requires and helps towards obtaining the best price for the house sale.

All viewings should be made through the Estate Agents Office and confirmed with the seller in order to keep track of who has viewed and their feedback. Agents know what to ask in order to qualify a buyer and advise the home seller of their ability to purchase.

If a “Passer By” knocks on the door on the off chance, don’t be caught out unprepared without everything ready for a viewing. Tell them it is not convenient and that appointments are by appointment only via the Estate Agent.

If you would like to find out more about the processes involved in selling your home, please contact Hoppers Estate Agents and find out about obtaining your homes MOT prior to going to market and find out if your house is “BEACH BOD READY” for the market.